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Development Services

MMS has proven expertise in software development for embedded, portable, customer and industrial devices, communication stacks, operating system and drivers, digital audio, image and video processing.

The MMS team has proven track record in the architecture, development and deployment of new applications and offers wide diversity in technical skillset and experience. With more than 30 successfully completed and supported in production designs for DSCs, IP NetCam, PMPs, VoIP phones and videophones, portable audio players and more, MMS software development team contributes not only in the design and development phase, but also provides full support and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the product.

The MMS software development process follows industry standard V-cycle all through requirements management, system architecture and unit design, development and testing, system functional and performance testing. The MMS QA team is working in parallel with the developers in order to assure the quality level thorough the entire development process.