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System On-Module

MMS offers series of OMAP-based System On Module (SOM) targeting R&D and low volume production customers. With guaranteed full software maintenance and support on OMAP, the MMS SOM is one of world's most cost-effective solutions. 

The MMS state-of-the-art SOM provides production-ready hardware and flexible software for quick and cost-efficient time-to-market from proof-of-concept prototyping to production. The MMS SOM provides all essential circuitry and microprocessor interfaces to devices and other common peripherals in convenient form. 

MMS latest SOM5 is especially developed for the Texas Instruments OMAP5 platform. It is based on  the idea of providing customers with a rapid and cost-effective means for developing end-user products. This is achieved by integrating the HDI platform components on a single LGA module, eliminating the necessity of customer-designed complex multilayer HDI  PCB's. The module incorporates the OMAP5430 host processor, TWL6035 power management IC (PMIC), an external temperature sensor, high and low frequency crystals and all necessary passive components, including all OMAP power supply decoupling capacitors. All OMAP interfaces and PMIC signals are exported from the module, except a few control signals that go strictly between the OMAP and PMIC. The module is powered from a single external power supply. Some PMIC power supplies are also exported from the module.


  • Board dimensions: 35.56 x 24.13mm
  • Component count: 172
  • PCB layers: 8 (3+2+3)
  • PCB thickness: 0.8mm ± 0.1mm
  • Minimum track width: 0.06mm
  • Minimum gap: 0.06mm
  • Via type: Microvia, Ø0.1mm hole size, stacked vias, via-in-pad
  • Solder pads: 485 pads,  Ø0.75mm pad size, 1.27mm grid
  • Power supply: 3.8V DC, max. current TBD