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E-paper Display Control

The MMS EPDC is an Electronic Paper Display Controller for driving electrophoretic panels, which is fully software-implemented. It may be hosted on a wide range of today's system-on-chip platforms. Unlike the common regionally-updating engines, the MMS EPDC offers the unique capability of driving the panel independently on per-pixel level.

Key features:

  • Software-implemented on ARM, GPU or DSP and system memory only
  • Cost-effective solution for using legacy hardware backends - LCD-controller / generic memory interface
  • Per-pixel parallelism of control, allowing dynamic user-interface scenarios
  • Pixel-transparency for smooth and ghosting-free updates
  • Non-blocking input interface, allowing integration under EPD-non-aware software environments
  • Panel-resolution and refresh-rate scalable with overall system-performance from 20 to 100 Mpix/s
  • Ease of adaptation to the still evolving technology of Electrophoretic displays
  • SoC-encapsulated solution, providing better IP-protection to panel-driving methodology

The MMS EPDC is a mature product, proven within variety of commercial eReaders.