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Auto Exposure

The MMS Auto Exposure is using sophisticated heuristic algorithms in order to calculate the best exposure for a given scene, taking into account not only the brightness of the scene, but many additional factors such as minimizing the motion blur in the captured picture, improving details in the shadows, compensating the backlight, etc.

Designed to work with or without flashlight, when used with high power LED or Xenon, MMS autoexposure produces well exposure captures even in very tricky conditions.


  • Sophisticated scene analysis and handling
  • Flat scenes, normal scenes, high Dynamic range scenes, very high Dynamic range scenes.
  • Color target
  • Different colors of bright areas may have different brightness targets (e.g. skin colors) to avoid brightest colors burning (overexposing some of the R,G,B components)
  • Fine position weight
  • Position weighting (metering) is tuned as a 32x32 table. This ensures smooth AE transitions in result of hand shake
  • Sophisticated High Dynamic Range handling
  • Suitable for HDR tuning and capturing
  • In most AE algos the bright part is overexposed and the dark part almost black; With MMS AE the dark part can be tuned
  • Supports iris and ND filter
  • Ultrafast convergence mode for start-up and AF-with-torch convergence
  • Flexible tuning
  • Separate tuning for preview/video/still capture
  • Can be tuned to work as simple AE (regulating average brightness) or to use all the features mentioned above
  • Can be tuned according to GBCE/LBCE capabilities for best HDR images
  • Uses gyroscope data and scene analysis for best response to camera motion
  • Supports LED and Xenon flash, automatic flash need detection
  • Supports stereo capturing and video
  • Supports face and touch AE modes
  • Incorporates automatic flicker detection

Technical details:


  • Auto (default): Automatically corrects the exposure and gain of the sensor and image processing system
  • Sport: Suitable for capturing moving objects or sport events
  • Night: Extended exposure time (up to 200mS)‏
  • Backlight: Suitable for capturing objects with backlight illumination
  • Very long: Very long exposure time (to be used with dark frame subtraction)  


  • Metering: Normal, Center, Wide , Selectable area, Face prioritized
  • Control: On, off, suspend
  • Exposure compensation: -3 to +3 EV, 0.1EV increments
  • Manual settings: Time, Gain, Aperture
  • Prioritization: Shutter, Exposure, Face area
  • Zoom tracking
  • Fast convergence option for improving start-up and autofocus latency
  • Rolling and mechanical shutter support
  • Diaphragm and ND filter support
  • Video-light support for preview
  • For capture, high-power LED flash or Xenon flash with optional photosensor are supported and pre-flash is used for precise exposure control  
  • Global and local brightness enhancements support
  • Face prioritization